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The Top 7 Advantages of Professional Bee Removal

Bee Removal

Bee removal shouldn't be a DIY job for a number of reasons. Here are the advantages of using a professional bee removal service instead.

If you've got bees nesting in your home, you shouldn't be tempted to take them on yourself. Professional bee removal is the sensible and safe option.

There are a number of ways to reduce the chance that they'll fancy your place. But once they're settled they can be difficult -- and dangerous -- to remove by yourself.

Here, we explain the reasons why battling the bees yourself isn't as good an idea as you might initially think.

1. Professionals Know What They're Up Against

Would you know the difference between a honey bee and an African 'killer' bee?

It's pretty hard to spot the difference if you're not a professional bee removal expert.

It's also hard to tell if you're not up close. And you don't want to be up close if it's the African type -- not without some serious protection.

Are you even sure they're bees? Maybe they're a type of wasp, or even hornets?

Professionals know what they're getting into, and how to eliminate each and every type of bee. They all act differently, and also respond in diverse ways to eradication procedures.

This is the knowledge that helps the professionals know exactly what to do.

2. DIY-ers Get Hurt

A bee sting hurts. Multiple stings from a horde of angry bees hurt a lot more.

Even if you don't have a reaction to the sting, you're going to be in lots of pain.

If you do suddenly discover a nest of bees in your home, which you didn't know was there, you might get stung. For example, you might make the discovery in the attic, or a hive may have built up very quickly on your back porch. If you're not expecting it, you can't protect against it effectively.

Try to dig the stinger out with a pair of tweezers. Use ice and soothing antihistamine cream to help manage the symptoms.

Then get in touch with a professional bee removal service once you're feeling better!

3. You Might Have an Allergy

More important than just getting a few (or a few hundred) stings, is the risk that you might be allergic to bees.

If you've been stung before, you might think this isn't an issue for you.

However, allergies can develop later in life. This means that you could get stung ten times without an issue, but one day be stung again and experience an allergic reaction.

Allergic reactions to bee stings are unpleasant on a good day. You might experience itching, swelling, and red skin. If you're unlucky they can send you into anaphylactic shock.

This is a very serious condition which can be life-threatening. Don't take the chance yourself, call for professional bee removal.

4. Protective Equipment is Expensive

Protection comes at a cost.

Professional bee removal firms kit themselves out with all the necessary equipment to remove bees from your home while minimizing the risk to themselves.

Hiring or buying this equipment yourself would not be cost effective at all. It'd be much cheaper to simply ring the pros.

Plus, if you don't put on your protective clothing properly, bees can slip inside the suit and become trapped in there with you. They get angry when this happens, and will take it out on the nearest moving object... you see where we're going with this.

Pros know this and take all precautions to prevent injury. So why put yourself in harm's way when you can send someone else with protection?

5. Bees Can be Difficult to Remove

Getting rid of bees isn't just a matter of shooing them away.

Their nests are often large, heavy and difficult to remove. They tend to go for sheltered spots, which makes them difficult to advance on without getting stung.

Their sheer size can also make them difficult to remove without specialist equipment.

If you find yourself facing carpenter bees, you're up against a particular difficulty. This type of bee can burrow into any softer woods which form part of your home.

Once they've dug in deep, you definitely need a professional to clear them all out.

6. Stop Further Colonies From Forming

Not only are professional bee removal services an excellent way to get rid of bees, they'll find ways to prevent bees from being attracted to your property in the future too.

There are tactics they'll share with you to help you pro-actively prevent further infestations.

They can also put some of these into place on your behalf. This includes treating the area to remove the chemical traces left behind by bees, which could attract future swarms.

They might also need to destroy the last vestiges of bee wax from your property. This could also potentially be the beginnings of a new hive somewhere down the line.

7. It's Much Faster Than Doing it Yourself!

Professional bee removal services have been doing this sort of job for years.

Going at it yourself is a hefty, time-consuming job which homeowners generally find extremely unpleasant. Think of it this way - your entire weekend will be lost to the task.

Plus, you'll then have to worry about getting rid of all that hive material once you're done.

When professionals are so affordable, why put yourself through this amount of stress?

Professional Bee Removal For Your Home

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