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Bee Removal in Orlando

Orlando Bee Removal

Bees are a crucial piece of Orlando’s ecosystem, but that by no means should suggest that there is any reason to let them set up their hives on or around your home or business. They can be a potentially life-threatening nuisance. If you regularly see or hear bees at your Orlando home or business, it’s safe to assume that bees are getting too close for comfort and need to be removed.

When you need bee removal services anywhere in the Orlando area, you need to call APIAN Sting Operation, LLC. Our company has been in the business of keeping Orlando properties bee-free for many years. Our continued success lies in the fact that our training never stops. We have always made a point to be the most effect bee removal company in the area, which means we owe it to our clients to stay on top of new products and methods of bee removal.

If you need to get rid of or prevent a bee infestation on your commercial or residential property, just call (727) 410-0557 to speak with one of APIAN Sting Operation, LLC’s certified bee removal experts. We have plenty of experience controlling and removing several species of bees including carpenter bees, bumble bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets and cicada killers.

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Signs You Have Bees

The regularly hearing the distinctive hum of bees around your property is a surefire sign that there is a colony nearby. Keep an eye out for a nest, but always make sure to keep your distance if you can. If you can’t locate the nest but you still see bees every time you set foot outside, it’s worth giving us a call to arrange for an inspection.

How to Get Rid of Bees

Before we get to explaining how the APIAN Sting Operation, LLC team goes about removing the bees infesting your property, we strongly discourage non-professionals from removing bee nests through do-it-yourself methods. Bee removal should only be carried out by a licensed professional because it can be very dangerous when they swarm and sting in large numbers.

As soon as you spot a bee nest on your property, give us a call and exercise extreme caution. Once we are on-site, we will inspect your property carefully and identify the location of the nest. While you are safely in door, we will remove the nest with minimal agitation of the colony. Whenever possible, we will use an extension pole to treat the nests from a safe distance.

In the event that the nest is located in your attic, we can use an aerosol, dust or liquid treatment to get rid of the nest.

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While bees are an essential part of the ecosystem, they are a huge nuisance that can do a great deal of damage. So, whenever you are overrun by bees, call APIAN Sting Operation, LLC and let our licensed bee removal technicians handle their removal in a safe and efficient manner.

Never attempt to remove a beehive without professional assistance. Call the bee pest control experts in Tampa for assistance.

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