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Bee Removal in Sarasota

Bee Removal Sarasota

You’ve no doubt heard about the importance of bees. But, when they decide to nest on your property and threaten injury to you, your family, and friends, you’ve got a bee problem on your hands.

If the world lost its bee population, humanity would only survive 4 years. At APIAN Sting Operation, LLC we believe in bee relocation and conservation whenever possible.

Often available for same day bee removal services in Sarasota, our experienced exterminators will safely remove bee colonies from your property and take the necessary steps to encourage them to not nest there again.

Bees Are No Match For Us

APIAN Sting Operation, LLC provides Sarasota residents with safe and effective been removal services. Certified and trained in pest management, when it comes to bee control, no bee colony is a match for our experts!

Bumble Bees

Bumble bees live in small colonies and are the source of the most painful stings. While it’s thought that bumble bees die when they sting, this is not the case. They will follow targets for a long distance when threatened and inject venom along with their sting.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are dark colored and far less fuzzy than their bumble or honey bee cousins. The do not sting unless provoked or handled, and in only females can sting. While they don’t consume wood, they nest within it.


There are a few different types of honeybee, but the most common is the female worker bee. They leave the hive regularly to bring back food. Their stinger is barbed, meaning that it gets stuck in any target the sting, effectively killing the bee herself. Because of this, honeybees avoid stinging whenever possible.

Killer Bees

Also known as the Africanized bee, is a cross-breeding of the African honey bee and European honey bees. They attack in large numbers and are especially dangerous to people with bee allergies. When you combine venom with multiple stings, both injury and death are possible.

Bee Relocation

Unlike wasps, bees are not aggressive creatures unless they are forced to be. Because of this, relocation is a major part of bee control.

Relocating bees ensures that they can still do their job for our planet, but without the risk of infringing on human territory, which puts both bee and human at risk. Bee problems only result from the accidental run-in of bee and human.

Your APIAN Sting Operation, LLC team will find a suitable location and move the bee colony to it so both humans and bees can continue going about their lives undisturbed.

Safe Bee Removal Services

Safety is key in bee hive removal. Especially as the months get warmer, many Sarasota homeowners will find bee hives on their property.

Protecting yourself and your family from potential stings is a good idea. If you wish to live in harmony with bees, that is a noble goal, however, getting professional advice on the best way to deal with a hive is an important step.

Give APIAN Sting Operation, LLC a call today and we’ll come out within the week to take a look at your bee situation!

Never attempt to remove a beehive without professional assistance. Call the bee pest control experts in Bradenton for assistance.

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