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Bee Removal in St. Petersburg

Bee Removal St. Petersburg

Bees are responsible for pollinating crops all over the world. They pollinate 70% of crop species that feet 90% of the world. Without them, it’s a fact that without them, humanity would only last a staggering four years. Bees are pretty amazing, but they can also be dangerous when they decide to set up a colony on your St.Petersburg property.

Bees nest underground and can be heard buzzing away and seen flying out of 12mm holes, either in your garden or worse—within the walls of your home. And, while not everyone is fatally allergic to the sting of a bee, they are at the very least painful.

If you believe there is a bee colony setting up shop on your property, give APIAN Sting Operation, LLC a call for professional bee removal services.

Species of Bees We Remove

While we’re all used to cute and fuzzy bumble bees hovering around flowers in the summer, there are a variety of different bee species out there. At APIAN Sting Operation, LLC, we are experienced in removing four different varieties from your property in St.Petersburg.

Bumble Bees

Believe it or not, these common and seemingly harmless bees deliver the most painful stings that result in extensive swelling. To defend their nest, a bumblebee will pursue an invader for long distances, and inject harmful venom along with their sting.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are not part of a large colony, but like wasps, they are able to sting multiple times due to a lack of barbs on their stinger. You’ll most often find them within wood structures and trees.


Not all bees sacrifice their lives when they sting, but honeybees do. Their barbed stinger gets pulled out after stinging making them not too interested in doing this. But if you are within their territory, you can bet they’ll defend it.

Killer Bees

Yes—there is such thing as killer bees. They are called this because they attack in large numbers and are especially dangerous to those who are allergic. Through a combination of venom and multiple stings, serious injury and death are both possible.

Bee control and bee removal services are an important part of keeping St.Petersburg homeowners safe and the bee population healthy.

Bee Removal Cost

If you’re looking to find out the cost for bee control and bee removal on your property, you’ll find a lot of potential rates floating around online. However, to get an accurate rate, we’ll need to visit your home or at the very least be able to look at photos of the nest.

APIAN Sting Operation, LLC will examine the situation in great detail and quote you not only on removal but on methods that will ensure bees don’t invade your property again.

Get Those Bees to Buzz off!

Feeling relieved just thinking about telling those bees to buzz off? Bee removal cost is minimal, and worth it to maintain the safety of yourself and your family.

Don’t risk injury—call APIAN Sting Operation, LLC and get your bee problem taken care of today!

Never attempt to remove a beehive without professional assistance. Call the bee pest control experts in Bradenton for assistance.

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