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Hornet Removal in St. Petersburg, Bradenton and Tampa

There is no doubt about it, hornets can pose a real hazard to your Bradenton home or business. Like many other types of bees and wasps, hornets travel in large swarms and can prove to be extremely problematic for your property. While it is true that hornets belong outdoors, and logic would dictate that you’d never find hornets in your house sometimes this is the case.

While it is true that hornets don’t carry the same wood-destructive qualities as carpenter bees—who can literally bore through planks of wood—the fact of the matter is that hornets can be a real pain to deal with.

However, if you invest in Bradenton’s number one hornet removal service you can rest assured that this problem will be solved effectively and in a time-efficient fashion. Every member of APIAN Sting Operation, LLC, is passionate about hornet removal expertise and we will never stop delivering high-quality service for your home or business.

Protecting Your Home and Business

When it comes to hornet nest removal, the reality is that you really need to leave it to the professionals. When you contact APIAN Sting Operation, LLC, you can rest assured that you will receive a service like no other. Our skilled team of hornet removal specialists always adhere to the highest possible standards. This means our team will always wear protective clothing from head to toe, including:

  • Wearing boots with the pants pulled outside the boot tops and sealing the cuffs with rubber bands
  • Wearing gloves and pulling sleeve cuffs over the tops of the gloves
  • Draping the screening over the hat and tying it around their neck, over the collar of the coveralls, making sure that there is no opening around the collar or base of the veil
  • Wearing another layer of clothing underneath the overalls because wasp stingers are long enough to reach through one layer of cloth

Removing a Hornet’s Nest From Your Bradenton Home

On top of that, for optimal results we will always try and approach the issue during the evening or at night when it’s cooler as they will be inside their nest and less active. From there, our team will hold a large, heavy box with a tight lid under the nest.

After that we will cut the attaching stem of the nest as quickly as possible using a long handled pruning hook or other tool. When the nest is safely positioned in the bag or box, we close it immediately and seal it shut.

From there, the hornets will be exterminated by putting the whole package in a deep freeze for 24 hours or so. We do this by spraying an insecticide into the package through a small hole.

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Never attempt to remove a beehive without professional assistance. Call the bee pest control experts in Bradenton for assistance.

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