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Yellow Jacket Removal

If you are a homeowner in Tampa, then you don’t need us at APIAN Sting Operation, LLC to tell you how much of an inconvenience and hazard yellow jackets can be for your family home or local business. The simple fact of the matter is that yellow jackets come in all shapes and sizes but, no matter what type of yellow jacket invades your home, the reality is that these unwanted visitors can be a real pain to deal with.

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Bee Removal

Bees are responsible for pollinating crops all over the world. They pollinate 70% of crop species that feet 90% of the world. Without them, it’s a fact that without them, humanity would only last a staggering four years. Bees are pretty amazing, but they can also be dangerous when they decide to set up a colony on your St.Petersburg property.

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Never attempt to remove a beehive without professional assistance. Call the bee pest control experts in Tampa for assistance.

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