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Wasp Removal

While most people in St. Petersburg know that wasps pose a real danger to their safety, many people don’t realize just how serious a wasp invasion can be for their home or business. The simple fact of the matter is that wasps, like yellow jackets and carpenter bees, don’t often travel alone. In fact, they tend to generally congregate in swarms of hundreds, if not thousands.

That is why if you suspect a swarm of wasps have made a colony on your St. Petersburg property, you really need to contact the wasp removal specialists you can rely on right away. When it comes to wasp removal, time really is of the essence and that is why when you discover the first signs of a colony you really need to give us a call. Failing to do so will only allow the wasps a chance to increase in number.

At APIAN Sting Operation, LLC, we use our combined years of wasp removal experience to deliver real and lasting results for your home or commercial property. By employing the latest and most advanced wasp removal techniques we can tackle even the most challenging of wasp colonies effectively, thereby returning your home or business to its brilliant best in no time at all.

Wasps Common in Florida

One of the most common questions we receive from our customers in St. Petersburg relates to the type of wasps that inhabit our local area. In general, the most popular type of wasp in St. Petersburg is the cicada killer.

As the name suggests, the cicada killer kills cicadas and buries them with larvae underground. In general, the cicada killer is bigger than other wasps—up to two inches—and unlike most other types of wasps they do not typically live in large groups, instead choosing to nest individually.

What to Do if You Find a Wasp Swarm on Your Property

What most individuals fail to anticipate when they discover a wasp infestation on their property is that directly behind the initial opening, there are often tens of thousands of other wasps present, and they are usually not very pleased about having their natural habitat disturbed.

If you attempt to remove them without enlisting the help of a skilled and certified team of professionals, like those available at APIAN Sting Operation, LLC, then you are not only running the risk of a serious wasp attack, but you are also increasing the likelihood of the wasps growing in numbers and causing more problems for your home or business.

At APIAN Sting Operation, LLC wasp removal is our specialty and we always make sure that when we are done ridding your St. Petersburg home or business of wasps, you will be fully satisfied and likely to recommend our service to friends or family in the future. Our advanced techniques towards all aspects of bee removal and extermination mean that we must be the first number you call.

Never attempt to remove a beehive without professional assistance. Call the bee pest control experts in St. Petersburg for assistance.

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