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Yellow Jacket Removal in Lakeland

Yellow Jacket Removal

The size of a bee but hailing from the wasp family, yellow jackets are carnivorous insects that are very protective of their colony, and have a smooth stinger allowing them to sting more than once. If you have a yellow jacket nest on your property, the last thing you’ll want is to have it stay there, or to get anywhere near it.

Apian Sting Operation, LLC was founded in Lakeland over seven years ago to fill a void in the market with trustworthy pest control services. While our business has grown over the years, we’ve never lost our commitment to our clients that has set us apart from the rest from the start.

If you need to find a team for yellow jacket nest removal, look no further—give us a call today!

Is it a Yellow Jacket?

Whether you’ve got wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets on your property, it’s a good idea to call in pest control services. However, with the yellow jacket’s ability to sting painfully, multiple times, many Lakeland homeowners like to know before we arrive what exactly is infesting their yard.

Friendly and useful bumblebees stand out from their wasp cousins with their plump, fuzzy appearance. If you have bees in your yard, leave them be. They don’t want to sting, and are a great help to the environment.

Common paper wasps and hornets are tough to tell apart from yellow jackets, but if you’ve got these pests hovering around barbecues and social gatherings, you’re probably dealing with yellow jackets. This is because yellow jackets are scavengers, giving them more potential to be dangerous, as they will have less fear of humans.

Think you’ve got a yellow jacket problem on your hands? Apian Sting Operation, LLC has the experience and tools for yellow jacket removal that will result in the lowest opportunity for injury.

Removal Methods

Yellow jacket nest removal should never be attempted on your own, without the right equipment. The Apian Sting Operation, LLC team will perform an inspection, and recommend the best treatment to get rid of your yellow jacket problem.

Most often, this will involve us putting on protective gear, and using extension tools to treat nests. After treatment, we’ll be able to remove the nest from your property.

Preventing Yellow Jackets

Once the yellow jacket nest has been removed from your property, we’ll recommend methods to help ensure another colony doesn’t find its way in and build a nest.

The most common method is to remove attractants such as food, drink, and garbage. A clean yard will be clean from yellow jackets as well!

Pest Control Services you can Trust

Founded on exceptional client service, Apian Sting Operation, LLC provides an extra level of care on every job. Working out of Lakeland for more than seven years, we know all there is to know about local pests and how to get them off of your property.

Yellow jackets are not a lot of fun to deal with. If they’re ruining your summer, it’s time to give us a call! We can’t wait to help you out.

Never attempt to remove a beehive without professional assistance. Call the bee pest control experts in Bradenton for assistance.

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